• Vicki Beall

Lavinia World (6/20)- Dreamer

I'm so excited about this make- I've been challenging myself to come out of my safe zone and make more than cards.

I don't know if any of you have tried alcohol inks yet, but I AM ADDICTED to them! I love to watch the colors react together and/ or with alcohol added. It's like magic and since Lavinia stamps are all about fairies and other magical beings in the forest- they worked perfectly!

If you remember- I created a card almost identical to this for our first challenge (unintentionally), but if you look back you'll see I used different inks and the color contrast is fantastic.

This project is a 5"x7" canvas: (Stamps used: "Deeper Than the Ocean", "Fairy Fir Tree", "Wet Wings" and "Moon Gazing Hare"

I had to think about this layout since it's bigger than my normal card size.

  • I heat embossed most of the stamps in white- this takes a little more time than just stamping, however, the effect is worth it. I only used purple and blue ink to stamp my trees.

  • Embossing tips- 1. Use a resin bag (or used dryer sheet) to help eliminate excess powder from sticking where you don't want it to- you can use a stiff dry paint brush to carefully brush off any excess embossing powder. 2. Allow your heat gun to heat up before using- this starts the melting process quicker and then allow it to cool off completely before touching it or inking over it. I often do this step twice- gives it a greater lift and fills in the spots you might have missed.

  • Now the fun really starts- consider what colors you want to use and most importantly what color do they make when mixed- trust me on this- I've already created colors you can't begin to imagine and they aren't all pretty. I tend to work light to dark as I have more control. (I meant to keep track of each of the Ranger Alcohol Inks I used and forgot, but my best guess is Butterscotch, Pool, Amethyst, Citrus, Lettuce and Sailboat Blue.)

  • ​Most of the time I add the drops directly to my medium, but since the canvas is porous I used my applicator tool, felt and alcohol. Using 8-10 drops of your first color and either dabbed or spritzed with alcohol start to dab. If you dab when it's wet it will give you a water color effect and if you allow it to dry more it's gives it more of a bubbly or corroded look. Slowly start adding each color of ink- REMEMBER- these will mix together so be sure you are using colors that are going to create the effect you are looking for. (Money Saving Tip- You can buy 3 sheets of felt for about a $1 and cut them to size and use any store brand alcohol for blending.)

  • Lastly and not to be forgotten is the added glitter for the fairy wings.

  • Add any color frame that makes you happy and with a matching card you will have a great gift set.

Please be sure to join us at Lavinia World- We'd want to see what you come up with.

Win a challenge badge and $15 gift certificate to Lavinia World!

Here are the rules:

  • Using Lavinia stamps is strongly recommended, but not required at this time.

  • Your chances of winning the challenge prize is doubled each time your entry uses Lavinia stamps. For example- if 3 designers pick your submission- that's 6 entries!

  • You must use a rubber or clear stamp in your project. Digi stamps are not allowed.

  • The theme is always Anything Goes.

  • This is a bi-weekly challenge, with a new challenge beginning every other Thursday.

  • Follow us at Lavinia World Challenges

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